Bad Doctors

If you haven’t listened to the 6 part series (plus continuing update episodes) of DR. DEATH by Wondery, you should start listening now, I won’t give any spoilers here, but I will tell you that it’s about a surgeon, with an inflated ego, who really doesn’t know what he’s doing, but cuts people open and messes around with their neck and spines. It is terrifying, and incredibly sad. This podcast has inspired me to search for other Bad Doctors…


Earl Bradley

Earl Bradley has to be one of the absolute sckest, most disgusting people imaginable.. unfortunately I can’t rest easy knowing he’s locked up for life for the heinous acts he committed.. there are more.. probably many more like him who are free and have access to our children.

  Earl was a pediatrician out of Lewes, Delaware. His practice was called Baybees pediatrics, and as you can see in the picture above, it looked like a run down kids fun house. It seems as though Earl used his practice as a baby rape playground. Some of his youngest victims being only 10 days to 2 weeks old. Yes, he molested and raped little tiny new-born babies. I can think of nothing more sick and twisted than that.

Since pedophiles usually figure out they have an attraction to young children in their teens, it’s probably a safe bet that Earl went through the many years of medical school and residency to become a pediatrician, knowing he was going to use his credentials to have very close, intimate access to babies and pre-verbal children in order to carry out his sick fantasies. Earl video recorded his disgusting activities which is terribly sad, not only for the victims and parents, but for the investigators who had to watch the thousands of recordings.. that’s right… thousands… but luckily because of the recordings, they were able to put this.. thing.. away for good, and were able to identify most or all of the victims. 

  I hope you’re still reading this because I want to say something very important.. If you have children, it is more than OK…  In fact, it is your responsibility to throw social etiquette out the window when it comes to your kids. There have been enough big famous cases we’ve all heard about recently, Larry Nassar, Jerry Sandusky, hundreds of priests in the Catholic Church, etc. etc. etc. etc. for people to take their blinders off and understand that no matter who it is, what their education, income, social status in the community, it does not matter, DO NOT be polite when it comes to protecting your kids. Insist on being in the room for doctors visits, educate your kids, ask questions, trust your gut, trust your kids. Do not be afraid to take action if something doesn’t feel, sound, or look right to you. Look out for your kids, protect them, stand up for them, don’t trust adults who have access to your kids just because they are nice, live in a nice house, are prominent members of the community, have a PhD, or seem perfectly “normal”.  Keep your eyes open and talk to your kids about this stuff!!  1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys are sexually abused before 18. That’s… fucking terrible. Parents who pay close attention are the best line of defense against predators like Earl Bradley.. especially if your kids are non verbal.

Dr. Grant Robicheaux

Dr. Robicheaux, a young, handsome, charming Orthopedic surgeon out of Orange County California and his girlfriend, Cerissa Riley, have recently been charged with drugging and raping two women. Although video evidence on Dr. Robicheaux and Riley’s phone suggests there may be hundreds of victims… who may not even realize they have been assaulted.

The couple was arrested September 2018 and charged with multiple felonies, including; rape by use of anesthesia or controlled substance, assault with intent to commit sexual offense, and possession of a controlled substance.

Grant and Cerissa worked together to target, drug, and rape women. They used their phones to record videos of each other raping highly intoxicated women. Often the women in the video’s were unable to stand up, or walk by themselves.

This is an open investigation and last I read they currently are out on bail. They are facing 30 to 40 years in prison.

Glen Tucker

A plastic surgeon from the 70’s who disfigured a number of patients, one of which had to have his arm amputated above the elbow following a botched surgery to correct “arm spasms”. Tucker was named the “Mad doctor of Milwaukee”. After malpractice suits against him started mounting he “drowned” during a fishing trip on Lake Michigan… but not really… After forensics teams searched Lake Michigan, all they could find of Tucker was his canoe, and his jacket.

A few ears later, a pair of journalists started investigating Dr. Tucker and eventually knocked on the door of a house in the name of “Martin Tucker” in the Florida Keys, where they found Glen Tucker and met his cat Martin. Regardless of why he faked his own death and put his house in his cat’s name, it’s not illegal to run away from your problems so long as you aren’t running from the law… and apparently it isnt illegal to run away from malpractice lawsuits…? Or fake your own death??  Decades after this confrontation, in May 2011, Glen Tucker shot his wife 5 times, his newer cat, Luther 2 times, and himself after succumbing to depression.

Crazy. Ass. Story. 

Dr Cecil Jacobson

Cecil Jacobson was a fertility Doctor out of Utah County who decided his own seed was better than the sperm provided by the patients partner, or the carefully selected sperm donor. He impregnated his patients with his own sperm, without the patients knowledge. After an investigation, DNA testing revealed that he was the biological father of 15 of his patients children, but could be the biological father of 75.. 😧

Cecil was sentenced to 5 years, and almost $117,000 in fines.

and wait… OMG there is a Lifetime/Tv movie about it!!

Dr. Love

James C Burt, a gynecologist, was clearly unsatisfied with the way vaginas were created naturally. He performed his own experimental “Love surgery” on unsuspecting patients, leaving them with disfigured vaginas and permanent damage both physically and psychologically. What an ass hole. 

Burt felt that women were not made properly for heterosexual sex in the missionary position because their clitoris is positioned too far from the opening of the vagina, making it difficult for the woman to reach orgasm. He also believed that after giving birth, women would lose partial or complete ability to have an orgasm because their vagina’s were so loose they were “large enough to drive a truck through sideways”.

The love Doctor published a book in 1975 called , surgery of lovewhere he claimed that his surgery could turn women into “horny little mice”. He thought he was doing good by his patients, giving them more satisfying sex lives, and saving marriages. In reality, his surgery left his patients maimed and disfigured with serious issues and infections in the bladder and kidney’s, it even left some unable to engage in sexual activity at all. 

Dr. Michael Swango


A true psychopath roaming the halls of the hospital basically poisoning anyone he came in contact with, patients, medical staff, ambulance drivers, paramedics, EMT’s, his girlfriend, his landlord. This guy just loved to poison people.

A serial killer doctor sounds too silly for real life. You might think that sort of thing only happens in one of the 15 best campy Halloween movies I have listed on another post.. but you’d be wrong. I have heard of the Angel of death serial killer category before, normally it’s the nurses with a touch of Munchausen by Proxy that play around with people’s lives.

Dr. Swango’s modus operandi was poison, whether injected, stirred into the morning coffee he would bring to medical staff, or in the food he prepared for people, poisoning was his thing. In October 1984 after poisoning his co-workers coffee, he was arrested and found to have Arsenic in his possession. In August 1985 Swango was convicted of  aggravated battery and served a 5 year prison sentence.

Years later, Swango changed his name to Daniel J. Adams, forged documents and made his way back in hospitals and laboratories working as a Dr., and chemist.. with  people dropping like flies all around him. It wasn’t until Swango was working at a Veterans affairs facility that the FBI finally got involved. Swango fled to Zimbabwe, and forged his way in to a hospital there.. where again.. patients started dying for reasons they could not explain. Swango bounced around from place to place and was finally caught and arrested in the Chicago-O’Hare international airport on his way to Saudi Arabia. He was charged with, and plead guilty to defrauding the government. While serving his 3.5 year prison sentence the government used this opportunity to investigate the mysterious deaths surrounding Swango over the years.

In the end, a plea deal was offered and Swango plead guilty to 3 murders and a few other fraud charges. In September 2000, Swango was sentenced to 3 consecutive life terms. The FBI believes he may be responsible for more than 60 deaths. Which would make him one of the most prolific serial killers to date.